2021 OKR Survey Report in collaboration with fitbots brings to you the 2021 OKR survey report

We are very excited to bring to you the findings of our first edition of the OKRs Report 2021.
Fitbots is on a Mission to make OKRs the Lingua Franca in the world of strategy execution and goal alignment. With this simple mission, we have worked with companies across industries over the past few years to make OKRs a part of their culture through our intuitive OKR Platform
and world-class network of OKR Coaches

The last decade has seen OKRs gaining great momentum and thrust as the strategic differentiator for companies, in turn, driving a culture that creates a focus on outcomes over outputs/inputs. Since its inception, the focus of fitbots has been to help companies understand the impact of OKRs through
‘Alignment, Radical Focus & Building Accountability’.

Growth, however, can be a very tricky situation; while companies many times can quickly get into the growth phase, the struggle begins when they need to scale and build alignment.

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