(e-Book) Mental Wellness Tech 2021

Reimagining Mental Wellness Tech

2020 was all about disruption and displacement. “Work from Anytime & Anywhere (WFAA)” routines, job uncertainty, social isolation, blurring work-life boundaries, and medical quarantines have placed copious amounts of stress on employees globally. In fact, 78% of the global workforce has been negatively affected in 2020 due to the pandemic.

And there has been a strong call from the ground to put in new measures and programs to arrest the next pandemic of “mental health”.

The Mental Health Crisis triggered by the pandemic has become a catalyst for enterprises to embark or accelerate their Digital HR journey. It has provided an opportunity to reconceptualize their wellbeing & wellness framework, forcing them to move away from just launching token wellbeing programs to make it their top priority.

Prediction: If not dealt with now, mental health problems could cost the global economy $16 Trillion dollars.

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